• Decorative Ceiling
  • Cornices - Molding
  • Wall and Ceiling Corners
  • Wall Frames
  • Column
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  • Rose
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    Decorative Ceiling
    Decorative Ceiling
    Cornices - Molding
    Cornices - Molding
    Wall and Ceiling Corners
    Wall and Ceiling Corners
    Kuwait Gypsum Ceilings Factory
    Kuwait factory for plaster ceiling was established in 1984 on an area of 6500 m2 with the newest machine related to this industry, under a special license in (ROTO PLASTER) for producing ceiling units from Gypsum in fiber glas ferroconcrete 60 x 60 cm (GRG), according to the British specification No.(BS.1230 PART1/85) and the German specifications (NO. 1168) concerning bending strength and the rest of measures related to these specifications...... continue




         The factory management used to apply knowledge, equations and measurements, it subjected all products to monitoring and auditing beginning from testing raw materials and during all the stages of production concerning: 1- Using .....
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